“Thank you so much for writing what happened and doing it in such a professional manner. It’s pure joy seeing the media pick up on your story and help address the ongoing human rights issues Sea Org members endure.” Mary McConnell

“Counterfeit Dreams touched me deeply. Thank you so much for taking the time & effort to write this.” Sally

“Yours is a powerful story and well written. Thank you for telling it.” Roan

“I am crying as I write this, the way you are presenting it is so moving. I lost my whole family too. You speak for many…and what you say is important to the futures of many more. Thank you.” Colin

“Ok, face streamed with tears I need to tell you … what? Words can’t suffice. So I think to myself, ‘the tears on your face, why are they there, what are they saying?’ And my tears (black with wisdom and mascara) told me this: ‘A man spoke words, and unexpectedly you awoke with him in the place of his greatest loneliness. And in this dark landscape, you witnessed that he was his own best friend.’ And Jeff, I gotta tell you, that just wipes me out. Thank you for holding on to YOU. Thank you for your story.” Donzerly Light

“Wow. Counterfeit Dreams is such an astonishing story to those of us who have not had anything more to do with Scientology than see their Dianetics storefronts on a local street, or have heard stories on the news. The amount of ‘credibility’ (or star power) that the organization has, with the likes of John Travolta and Kelly Preston and Tom Cruise promoting it, gives it the wash of celebrity and lulls all of us into thinking that ‘it can’t be that bad.’ Your words here have the force of truth and first person narrative behind them. I, for one, have had my eyes opened.”  Monique

“Beautifully written. Outstanding, poignant and powerful.”  Artoo

“You’re a fantastic writer…I was completely riveted. Can’t wait to read more. Keep up the good work!” Dagny

“Thanks for this truly fascinating and very disturbing look at behind the scenes of organized Scientology. I dare say that in my opinion, you’re an excellent and talented author, keeping me in suspense of the next chapter. I never realized just how violent and sadistic CoS allows people to be. It’s hard to imagine or understand abusing one’s own paid staff. It seems CoS provides the cover for many a sadistic sycophant to operate without remorse and belittle people.” LightPath

“Jeff, you are an exceptional writer. Your story is captivating. It is factual and creditable because it is not a soap box for emotional release, but rather an accounting. You are exposing the insides of a very diseased body, and doing so in such a classy and gifted way.” Ora

“Jeff, Thanks for your phenomenal contributions. Your tenacity is an inspiration.” Buster

“Jeff, how you managed to stay as long as you did, fighting every inch of the way for some scrap of sanity, is a miracle. You MUST have truly believed that Dianetics and Scientology were going to change things in the world for the better.” Cathy

“You keep telling your story with an amazing accuracy and remembrance of names, places, events and atmosphere which makes this writing by far the most detailed and enlightened account of this secret top management base ruled by a ruthless operetta dictator.”  Nefertiti

“This is a phenomenal story. Anybody either in scientology or opposing it must read this.” Frank

“Jeff, Your story is gripping and truly disturbing, and I have to say beautifully written. I was in the cult for twenty five years. I hoped for a cleared planet as I ascended the highest levels of the bridge. Now a cleared planet with these “clears” in charge is my greatest fear.”  Feral

“Thanks for an absolutely amazing story.” Brad

“Jeff, that was an amazing tale. Your writing this for all the world to see is admirable, to say the least. If you don’t mind, I’m going to refer people to this blog at every opportunity because it does such a wonderful job of unmasking the real, sinister, corrupt inner workings of this filthy cult.”  Sailor

“Reading your tale has led me through every possible emotion, from rage to fear, sadness and happiness. I am so glad you are out! I think it is unbelievable what the human mind is capable of. Positive and negative. Cruelty and recovery.”  EastAnon

“There are tears on this Scientologist’s face. Thank you for your DECADES of hard work for noble goals. Thank you for telling your story so well, so effectively. Thank you for having the courage to take back your life so you could.” Alex

“Thank you for this beautifully written story! You got me hooked up, waiting for next chapters, putting aside other books to read yours.”  Pierrot

“ Wow! I stayed up half the night reading Counterfeit Dreams. Incredibly moving. Parts made me cry, other parts made me so angry. Thanks for explaining the “doublethink”. It has always dumbfounded me that intelligent people would swallow LRH’s koolaid, get pulverized physically and emotionally, then come back for more. It truly is brainwashing.”  Ludvigvanon

“An absolutely chilling story with a happy ending. I’m also going to refer people to your tale because this is something that needs to be told — and the more we hear from you and others who found their way out the greater the chance there is of warning people not to fall for an ideology that is so contrary to what many of us believe.”  BlastFurnace

“I just read through all seventeen chapters in one sitting, and cried unabashedly on this last one. Thank you for sharing your powerful, powerful story.” Oakthorne

“I’ve finally finished reading your story, and I can’t believe how evocative it was. I felt my emotions roller-coastering with the things that you wrote. I felt all of the melancholy and frustration that you wrote about, but also an awful lot of outrage. It was as if someone I knew and loved were being beaten and abused.”  Michelle

“Congratulations on breaching the real wall of fire: leaving the mental stranglehold of Scientology. And may you be blessed for helping others to see the whole of the truth instead of ‘acceptable truth’.”  Arnie Lerma

“Hell of a job, Jeff. You have done the world a great service with your work writing your experiences and giving your wonderful insight. Thank you.”  Holly

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